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COM-CMS is a C.M.S (Content Management System).
A C.M.S is a tool for designing and dynamically updating static websites.
It is an easy-to-use Windows © application intended for small organizations.
This tool, exchanging data with other COM-ADD applications, can:
• Display a directory of addresses
• Present a products catalog
• Display a calendar of events
Addresses, products and events can come from COM-CRM/COM-CRM Pro, COM-MAP/COM-MAP Top, COM-PROJ/COM-PRJ and/or COM-SCAN.
COM-CMS allows previewing HTML pages at design time.
COM-CMS can publish a website as files in a local folder, it is also equipped with FTP access to publish the site directly to a server.
COM-CMS is available in two languages: English and French.

Main features

  • design and the dynamic update of Web sites
  • contacts (prospects, customers or simple contact) with photo
  • events in a calendar
  • products with description, price, discount, margin and photo
  • dynamic map display of GPX tracks
  • dynamic map display of address locations
  • management of several websites at the same time


  • import and export of addresses in vCard and CSV format
  • import and export of events in iCal format
  • import and export of products in CSV format
  • import / export of the database file

Integration with other COM-ADD applications

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • save/restore database easily from/to OneDrive ©

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