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COM-SQL is an SQLite © database manager, mainly intended for learning this database.
SQLite © is a database, in public domain, stored in a file.
In addition, the SQL engine of SQLite © is simplified.
SQLite ©, because of its extreme lightness, is used on most smartphones and in many free applications, like "Mozilla Firefox ©", most of the time to store the parameter setting of the application, and in non-free software.
SQLite © is the most used database engine in the world.

You can use COM-SQL to:

  • learn SQL
  • explore the contents or the structure of an SQLite © file
  • create your own SQLite © file

Main features

  • SQLite © database management
  • management of Tables (Fields, Index and Triggers)
  • management of the Views (Triggers)
  • data views of a table without join
  • data views of a table with auto join on linked tables
  • form to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE line in a Table
  • enter and execute your SQL requests
  • explanation of selection requests
  • help creating SELECT queries with JOIN and GROUP BY
  • running multiple queries in a transaction
  • management of table constraints: PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, UNIQUE and CHECK
  • test the integrity of a database and the validity of foreign keys
  • database cleaning and optimization
  • Unicode support for data and entity names (tables, views, fields, indexes, triggers and constraints)
  • access to all SQLite © PRAGMA functions
  • read SQLite © internal tables: sqlite_master and sqlite_sequence
  • PRAGMA table_info, PRAGMA index_list and PRAGMA foreign_key_list requests
  • creation of fields Email, Latitude, Longitude and URL
  • AVG, LIKE, MAX, MIN and SUM operation on a field
  • creation of table iCal and vCard
  • interface in three languages: english, french and spanish


  • import and export of SQLite © database files
  • import an SQL database file into
  • import an iCal file in an iCal table
  • import a vCard file in a vCard table
  • dump of the databases (structure and/or data) in SQL
  • export a table in CSV, in SQL or in XSD/XML
  • export a view in CSV
  • Unicode support for import and export

ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)

  • import a CSV file to a new table
  • export the results of a query into CSV file
  • export a table with filter to one or more CSV files
  • Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

    • save/restore databases easily from/to OneDrive ©
    • import/export an SQL database file from/to OneDrive ©


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