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COM-MAP Top is a mapping application.

COM-MAP Top targets professionals (decision-makers, deliverymen, mail delivery service, fleet intervention planners, real estate promoters, itinerant sales force, tourist guides and so on).

Moreover COM-MAP Top has other functionalities which will help you in decision making.

The application calculates in particular itineraries in light and heavy vehicles as well as the calculation of rounds (delivery, collection, ...).

COM-MAP Top saves your addresses, so you can re-use them later for new itineraries or rounds.

COM-MAP Top uses "HERE ©", "Google Street View ©", "Microsoft Street Side ©", and "OpenStreetMap ©".

Main features

  • management of itineraries and rounds based on a list of localized addresses
  • calculation of a route for light vehicles avoiding certain areas and countries
  • calculation of distributions of rounds
  • optimize a set of rounds
  • assign, optimally, an address to a round among a set of rounds
  • manage addresses belonging to several rounds
  • calculation of a path, for a round or between two remote addresses, by indicating the steps to be performed
  • calculations routes for heavy vehicles (heavyweights, buses, trucks, agricultural and foresters machines)
  • visualization of the route calculated with "Google Street View ©" images
  • search the traffic, in real time, on the calculated itineraries/rounds
  • indicates the warnings on the calculated route (accidents, works, …)
  • find POIs HERE © along a calculated route
  • displaying meteorological conditions of stations near a calculated route
  • export the itineraries in text, GPX, KML or WAV (vocal guidance) files
  • replay the path calculated following the road in "3D perspective view"
  • calculates the energy cost of the calculated route and the carbon footprint
  • display an itinerary from an imported GeoJSON, GPX or KML file
  • convert a GPX file in KML and inversely
  • convert GPX and KML files in GeoJSON

Real estate, Tourism

  • find the points of interests (POI) around an address (via "Google ©", "OpenStreetMap ©" or "HERE ©" North America and Europe)
  • search "Google ©" and "HERE ©" POI on the "Bing ©" or "Google ©" search engine
  • display an imported POI file in CSV format ("Garmin ©" or "Navman ©")
  • find the nearest POI among a list of POI coming from a file or from "HERE ©"
  • calculation of the most compact group of POI of various types
  • extraction of a topographic plan of a zone in VRML or X3D format


  • calculate isochrones/isodistance areas
  • calculation of interventions area starting from one or more base addresses
  • determine the addresses included within a perimeter
  • optimize a site according to a list of destinations

Geographic Information System (GIS) and other features

  • measuring the geodesic distance between two points on the map considering Earth as a perfect sphere and considering that the Earth is ellipsoid of revolution according to WGS 84
  • measuring the area and perimeter of a polygon or a disc
  • management of points, polylines and polygons
  • search for "HERE ©" POIs in a polygon
  • display addresses in a polygon
  • import and export of polygons in GeoJSON or KML format
  • calculation of the distance to the horizon as a function of altitude
  • exploration of the countries providing information (capital city, number of inhabitants, surface, etc.)
  • locate a JPEG or TIFF image having EXIF GPS data
  • deduplicate addresses
  • display of all created addresses on a map with extra information such as the local time
  • display of all created polygons on a map with polygon area
  • import/export of the database file

Additional features

  • exporting a Geojson, GPX or KML route in an autonomous HTML page with OpenLayers © interactive map
  • geographic statistics with proportional circles
  • history management of the creation of elements on map (roads, POIs, polygons, ...)
  • configurable unit system: "metric system" or "imperial system"
  • map projection "Mercator" or "Globe"
  • variety of predefined map backgrounds
  • customizable map backgrounds tile server
  • available in three languages: English, French and Spanish

Integration with other COM-ADD applications

Integration with the Microsoft © webservices

  • import/export GeoJSON, GPX and KML files from/to OneDrive ©
  • import/export of vCard files from/to OneDrive ©
  • save/restore database easily from/to OneDrive ©

Integration with Windows 10/11 ©

  • COM-MAP Top supports the bingmaps: protocol and can become the default mapping application in Windows 10/11 ©


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